The Ormiston governance team make sure academy governance systems are effective and meet legal and statutory requirements.

Governors make up the largest voluntary organisation in the country. Academy governors are part of a team, working closely with the principal. The governing body is generally responsible for the conduct of the academy with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement and behaviour. Governance ensures that:

  • All governing bodies execute their statutory and legal obligations in all aspects of governance
  • Maintain effective and transparent communications between individual academies, their boards and OAT
  • All governors and/or board members fully understand their roles and responsibilities and know how to ask for help if it is required
  • Operate within an agreed timetable for meetings, ensuring record collation is in place, deadlines are established which support all aspects of governance and clear records are kept of all meetings

If you're interested in becoming a governor at one of our academies, you can find out more information here.

“Governors are well informed about the academy and hold leaders to account effectively for its service to the community. Governors draw on a range of evidence to ensure that they have a clear picture of the progress pupils at the academy are making. As well as information from the principal and her team, governors gain first-hand insights into the work and effectiveness of the academy through regular visits, learning walks and links with specific areas of the academy’s work.”Ofsted, September 2016 (Ormiston South Parade Academy inspection)