Anthony McGowan launches literacy scheme at OAT academies

Anthony McGowan, who writes novels for both adults and children, visited Cliff Park Ormiston Academy and Ormiston Venture Academy to launch an initiative called ‘Undercover Readers.’

Venture - Anthony McGowan edited v2.png

Anthony gave a presentation to students with tales from his published books, retold important passages from his own life and experiences, and took some exceptionally well-thought-out questions from students.

McGowan stayed on to work with a specially selected group of students after his presentation to help unlock their inner creativity and promote writing. He focused on specific techniques and strategies based around writing novels.

The schemes aim is to ignite a passion for literature in youngsters and encourage them to express themselves through creative writing.

This visit was organised in conjunction with the Take Your Place programme, a scheme organised by the Network for East Anglian Collaborative Outreach (NEACO), which aims to support more young people from under-represented backgrounds to progress into higher education.

Mr McGowan said:

"To become a good writer, first you need to be a reader. The more you read, the better your writing will become."

Ian McInally, Ormiston Venture Academy Assistant Principal, said:

"This is such an important opportunity for these students - the joy and understanding of language was really emphasised by Mr McGowan."