City of Norwich School students achieve great success in writing competition

City of Norwich School (CNS) student Aflie Clay has won first prize in a writing competition organised by the charity Future First, an organisation which seeks to build alumni networks in schools to support current students and inspire them to achieve. Three other CNS students also achieved runner-up prizes.

CNS - Y 7 writing competition.jpg

The CNS students were four of 250 Year 7 students in Norwich who entered the competition, which was judged by Norfolk author and University of East Anglia lecturer Raffaella Barker.

The competition called for students to come up with 'jobs of the future' and imagine how the world of work will have changed by the year 2039. They were then tasked with writing to their current selves describing what strengths and skills they need for their future job, what excited them about that job, and how it fitted in with their future life.

Alfie invented an Underground Lost Life Explorer called Sir Alfie Clay who works in a secret organisation fighting 'X-tech', a group who are trying to rid the world of humans and replace them with robots. Sir Alfie has a robotic arm after his own was crushed in an explosion, an eye which detects life in buildings, and he’s accompanied by a trusty pet fox who can speak to the latest technology.

Runners-up were Gracie Fleet (who wrote about being a Personal Unicorn Trainer), Halah Alhijjaj (who wrote about a pilot in a world where sunlight was ever decreasing), and Sidney Watson (who wrote about inventing a time machine).

Alfie wins a £50 Amazon voucher and a copy of Rafaella Barker’s book Phosphorescence, and the runners-up each receive a £10 Amazon voucher and a copy of Rafaella’s book.

The competition is part of Future First’s work in schools to build links with local employers. By thinking about jobs in 2039, the students are encouraged to think imaginatively about the world of opportunities available to them after school.

Jo Philpott, Headteacher of City of Norwich School, said:

"I’m so proud of Aflie, Gracie, Halah, and Sidney - they’ve all demonstrated exceptional creative skills. Future First does such fantastic work with schools right across the country, and we’re very proud to work with them closely ourselves on our alumni programme."