Literacy for Life project becomes a real page-turner for students at Horizon

On Wednesday 8 June, more than 100 pupils are to take centre stage at a festival which will celebrate their literacy skills. Ormiston Horizon Academy have been working with the National Literacy Trust on a range of activities over the past year, which culminates in them being able to showcase their work and explore other creative activities at the event hosted by Staffordshire University.

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The festival will include sessions with poets, novelists and the chance to try writing scripts and songs that they can take back into the classroom. At the heart of the ‘Literacy for Life’ project has been a push to improve young people’s enjoyment of reading.

Student Chloe Baker, 14 said: “I have never really used to be a keen reader. It seemed like a chore. But now there all these different activities you can take part in at school. And we’ve got a massive range of books.”

Students at Ormiston Horizon Academy can now track the number of books they have read through an online programme and earn awards for reaching different reading milestones. For one of the literacy challenges the academy library was even been transformed into a Hunger Games-style arena with students competing in practical tasks. To grab interest there are also chances to win books by certain authors through regular reading competitions.

Through the work with the National Literacy Trust, staff have also received training on how to develop young people’s grammatical skills and use of different types of language.

Susan Aykin, who leads the project ‘Literacy for Life’ said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Staffordshire University to celebrate the fantastic work students at Ormiston Horizon have done.”