OAT academy holds first ever ‘Maths-a-thon’

100 pupils from local primary schools recently had the opportunity to attend their first ever ‘Maths-a-thon’.


The maths competition, held at Ormiston Venture Academy in Norfolk, saw pupils from Ormiston Herman Academy, Peterhouse Academy, Southtown Primary, Cliff Park Junior School and Edward Worlledege Primary compete against each other for the chance of winning the much coveted trophy for their schools.

The excited young pupils got to take advantage of Venture’s new hand held tablets as they answered quick mental maths questions on the website ‘Kahoot’. Each team had 5 seconds to discuss the question with in their teams before choosing the correct answer from a series of multiple choice options.

From the start, Herman's second team quickly took the lead, finishing in an overall 1st place for years 3, 4 and 6, followed closely by Peterhouse's second team who managed to take home the year 5 trophy.

Year 7 pupils from Ormiston Venture managed to take away the trophy for Year 7 with it excellent girls’ team.

Staff and students alike thoroughly enjoyed the event, and Ormiston Venture plan for it to be the first of many exciting maths-a-thons.

Mr Clark of Ormiston Venure said: "It was awesome! The kids had a fantastic time! Congratulations Herman and Peterhouse we hope to see you next year to defend your title as Maths-a-thon champions.”