OAT primary academies achieve their best ever phonics results

Pupils across Ormiston Academies Trust’s three primary academies have achieved their best ever results in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Phonics tests.

While OAT’s high achieving primary academies have consistently performed well in both of these areas, this year there were some remarkable improvements across the trust.

In the EYFS the overall improvement across the academies from 2015-16 was 9% with 76% of pupils achieving a good level of development. This is likely to place OAT well above the national average which last year stood at 66%.

In phonics, across OAT’s primaries, 84% of pupils passed the phonics screening test, which is also likely to place the trust above the national average for this standard which last year was 77%.  Good development in the EYFS and in phonics are important indicators of a child’s development at the early stages of their educational experience as well as their preparedness for progressing through school.  All three of OAT’s primary academies are showing exceptional achievement in both of these areas.

Toby Salt, CEO of Ormiston Academies Trust, said:

“I am delighted at the great results we have seen across all of OAT’s primary academies. It is testament to the hard work and effort that goes in to ensuring we are delivering excellent standards of education at all stages of a child’s development.

“At OAT we have a focus on ensuring that all our students, from all backgrounds, have the opportunity to succeed and we look forward to building upon these successes in the future.”