Ofsted and MP praise Tenbury High for superb turnaround

Students and staff at Tenbury High Ormiston Academy are celebrating a brilliant Ofsted report today – rated ‘Outstanding’ for personal development, behaviour and welfare and ‘Good’ in every other category.


The Ofsted inspection marks a brilliant turnaround – the school, then known as Tenbury High School, was placed in Special Measures after an inspection in autumn 2013. But since Adrian Price became Principal and OAT became sponsor, in September 2014, the school has been transformed and now, after its first Ofsted inspection since, has been praised across the board.

The report credits school leaders, governors, staff, students, and parents for all playing a key part in the quality of the school, and also says that the Trust offers strong and effective support as the sponsor, helping create a positive learning environment and culture.

The rigorous two-day inspection saw 21 lessons across a variety of subjects and year groups visited by Ofsted’s team, who also spoke with senior and middle leaders, and classroom teachers, observed students at break and lunch, met formally and informally with students, and analysed parental, student and staff questionnaires. 

The report highlights a number of key areas:

  • Leaders, governors and staff are ambitious for the school and aim to achieve the best possible outcomes for pupils. They have established a culture of excellent relationships and respect between members of the school community. The school is welcoming and inclusive.
  • There is a highly positive climate for learning within the school. Caring and supportive staff bring out the best in pupils. The pupils thrive in a secure, calm and welcoming environment.
  • Pupils’ personal development is outstanding. Opportunities to develop pupils’ personal, social and health education are embedded throughout the curriculum. Pupils make good progress overall.
  • Pupils’ behaviour, conduct and attitudes are exemplary. Pupils are tolerant and respectful. Overall rates of attendance are very high and much better than the national average.
  • The school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including sports, outdoor pursuits and arts… almost all pupils are involved in extra-curricular activities… contributing to pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural education.
  • The barriers faced by disadvantaged pupils are identified and tackled effectively. Difference in the rates of progress between disadvantaged pupils and their peers have diminished over time.
    Teachers teach in an enlightening and enlivening manner.
  • They create an atmosphere in lessons that supports pupils to make good academic progress and outstanding personal development.

Principal Adrian Price said:

"It is wonderful to share this fabulous report and its validation of all the hard work from pupils, staff, and parents. The report is overwhelmingly positive and is full of praise for our academy’s determination to provide the very best for children.

"This report truly reflects our school and is a just reward for all the hard work from staff, current and previous, pupils, parents, carers and governors over the previous three years. The whole school community can feel proud. Tenbury High Ormiston Academy is a happy place where children enjoy their learning, have fun and achieve highly."

Nick Hudson, interim Chief Executive Officer of Ormiston Academies Trust, said:

"This is a brilliant outcome. Tenbury High Ormiston Academy’s motto is high achievement, outstanding care, and everyone at the school works hard to ensure this is at the heart of work. I am delighted that Ofsted has seen the school’s quality – and we will now continue to support it so that it pushes on to achieve even greater heights."

Harriett Baldwin, the MP for West Worcestershire, said:

"I’m thrilled to see the great progress that Tenbury High Ormiston Academy has made and I am arranging a visit to meet with Adrian Price to congratulate him in person.

"Last time we chatted, I know he was anxious for an Ofsted inspection to verify the progress that the school has made. I am glad this has now happened and the turnaround which we all knew was happening, is finally confirmed."

To read the Ofsted report, please visit Tenbury High Ormiston Academy’s website.