Ofsted praises Stoke High for determined leadership and strong progress

Ofsted has praised Stoke High School for taking effective action to raise standards and for the strong progress it is making.


School inspectors said that the improvements had been driven by Principal Glenn Mellor – who took up the post in September 2016 – and his senior leadership team, citing their determination, dedication and high aspirations with significant support from OAT.

In its monitoring report, Ofsted highlighted the strong progress made in improving the quality of teaching and raising expectations of pupils’ learning, which had resulted in stronger outcomes for students. 

This progress achieved follows the successful introduction of structured teacher training programmes, providing teachers with thorough, focused professional development, tailored to their individual needs. Ofsted noted that the enhanced learning and assessment ensured teachers gave high-quality feedback to students, who as a result feel increasingly engaged in their learning and are better able to improve their work.

Ofsted also highlighted the positive role that OAT is playing in driving improvement. It said Stoke High School is benefiting from effective external support from OAT, providing a good level of challenge and guidance and training for the leadership team. The report also highlighted how the Trust provides the Academy with access to a network of schools, with whom it can undertake a comprehensive and coordinated moderation of standards, boosting the accuracy of assessment.

Glenn Mellor, Principal, Stoke High School said:

"We are pleased that Ofsted has recognised the positive changes we have made and how these have already benefited the Academy – improving the quality of teaching and outcomes for students. I would like to thank the Academy’s leadership team, students and OAT, for their support and efforts in achieving this improvement.

"We are making good progress and are confident that we have the right team and support in place to deliver sustainable improvement and ensure that all of our students receive a high standard of education."

Gwayne Webb, Regional Director (East), Ormiston Academies Trust, said:

"We are delighted to see such strong progress being made at Stoke High School. Whilst school improvement does not happen overnight, the report clearly recognises that the Academy is moving in the right direction and has a bright future under the new Principal and his team.

"Ormiston Academies Trust will maintain its full support to the Academy as it works to build on this progress, and continues to ensure that every student, no matter what their background, receives the high-quality education they deserve."