Ormiston Herman Academy celebrates Ofsted success

Pupils and staff at Ormiston Herman Academy are celebrating success after being rated ‘Good’ with ‘Outstanding’ Early Years provision in a recent Ofsted.


In its first inspection since joining Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT) in 2014, the school was praised for its highly effective early years teaching and for its ability to provide pupils with a very strong start to learning.

Principal Kate Rutherford, with support from the senior leadership team and OAT, was commended for successfully taking forward improvements in several areas since the school became an academy. The report states that her commitment, vision and ambition for her pupils has created a very positive learning culture within the school.

Early Years provision was particularly praised in the report – it stated that the high standards are recognised locally, with staff from other schools being trained at the school. Ofsted said that children make consistently high rates of progress. It highlights that more than half of pupils join the school with below-average skills but the strong progress achieved has meant that an above-average number of pupils leave the reception classes with good levels of development, in excess of the national level for the past two years.

The Ofsted report also commends the academy environment for being bright and welcoming, with staff using both indoor and outdoor areas skilfully to provide children with a stimulating range of activities to help them learn. The academy prides itself on recognising and promoting the importance of education from the moment a child enters the nursery at aged three, and the success of this was reflected in its shortlisting for a Times Educational Supplement excellence award in 2016.

The school is praised for its careful and tailored management of the Pupil Premium, ensuring it is allocated effectively to diminish the differences in outcomes between disadvantaged pupils and those of their peers.  The improved outcomes for these pupils, across all year groups, celebrate the effectiveness of the school’s work in this area and parents expressed their appreciation for the way in which school encourages this group of pupils”.
Ofsted also highlighted the valued support Herman receives from OAT, providing leaders with frequent visits from improvement advisers and identifying priorities for the school, and said:

• The very strong senior and middle leaders have been highly effective in securing improved outcomes for all groups of pupils in reading, writing and mathematics
• Pupils are well prepared for secondary school. Their skills and knowledge in reading, writing and maths are in line with age-related expectations and they have very positive attitudes to learning
• Good working relationships between adults and pupils inspire confidence among learners, with staff promoting a very positive ‘can do’ attitude among pupils by focused use of praise and encouragement
• The academy is a “harmonious community. Pupils learn not just to be tolerant of different cultures but to embrace and celebrate them
• The extensive range of enrichment activities on offer excites pupils and raises their aspirations to learn

Kate Rutherford became Principal of Ormiston Herman Academy after previously leading the predecessor school (before it joined OAT), Herman Community Primary said: 

"We are delighted to have achieved an Ofsted rating of ‘Good’, with ‘Outstanding’ Early Years provision. It is a truly fantastic achievement, further demonstrating the way in which we have sustained our commitment to providing high-quality education for our pupils.

"This excellent report is a real team effort – it is a reflection of the dedicated, hard-working and talented team of staff and pupils at the academy, and I would also like to thank our parents for their continued support."

Managing Director of the Eastern Region for OAT, Nicole McCartney said:

"It is wonderful that the continued excellence of Ormiston Herman Academy has been confirmed in today’s Ofsted report. We look forward to supporting the school as it continues to be seen by parents and the wider community as a high-performing academy of choice."