Ormiston Six Villages Academy celebrates glowing Ofsted report

Ofsted have heaped praise on Ormiston Six Villages Academy, in Westergate and students and staff are celebrating a ‘Good’ rating in all categories.


Inspectors praised the academy for its rapid improve, ent and the swift and decisive action taken by the Principal and senior leaders, with the support of the Interim Executive Board (IEB)  and OAT, all of which has led to good and improving outcomes for students across the academy.

The academy, has been transformed under the leadership of principal Umbar Sharif, who is part of the Government’s Talented Leaders initiative. The scheme, led by Ambition School Leadership, matches exceptional headteachers with schools across the UK. Having joined the academy just days before its last inspection in January 2016, the dedicated Principal has overseen its transformation into a ‘Good’ school, with the inspectors noting her relentless work to systematically address key areas for improvement, which has successfully raised standards.

Ms Sharif and her team have been ably supported by the exemplary IEB, established to secure the governance of the academy and to help drive improvement. The inspectors described the IEB as totally committed to the school, knowledgeable and skilled.

The report also praises the high-quality support provided by OAT, describing the Trust as instrumental in driving forward the school’s rapid improvement. The inspectors noted how staff from across the Trust regularly visit the academy to share their expertise and provide welcome challenge to school leaders, and credited this collaborative relationship as having had a marked impact on raising standards.

Six Villages has accelerated over the last two years and rising standards have led to improved outcomes for students, with results for Year 11 students improving year-on-year due to better teaching and an emphasis on key writing skills, giving students greater confidence. Inspectors noted the commitment of staff to students’ personal development, designed to enable students to reach their true potential.

The academy offers over 40 lunchtime and after-school extracurricular activities, which were praised by inspectors for developing students’ wider skills.

The report highlights a number of other key areas:

  • Leaders are ambitious for the school and its students and have created a positive and warm environment for learning
  • Higher expectations have helped pupils to make faster progress
  • Relationships between staff and teachers are very strong and teachers know their pupils very well and understand their needs. There is a mutual bedrock of respect that has helped to drive up standards
  • Parental involvement through a parents’ forum is encouraged, with one parent commenting that parents, are very much included as part of the school

Umbar Sharif, Principal at Ormiston Six Villages Academy, said:

"Ormiston Six Villages Academy has been on a considerable journey of school improvement, and it is fantastic that Ofsted has recognised the phenomenal progress that we have made. The report is overwhelmingly positive and recognises our continued commitment to raising standards and improving outcomes for students.

"The report is testament to the hard work and belief of our fantastic staff, the commitment and support of parents, the unfailing support of our sponsor, Ormiston Academies Trust, and the encouragement of the Interim Executive Board. I would also like to thank our student body, who are the epitome of excellence and have risen to meet the high expectations that we have set for them. We will continue to work hard to raise their aspirations and to provide them with the high standard of education they deserve."

Ken Lloyd, Interim Executive Board at Ormiston Six Villages Academy, commented:

"It has been a delight to be part of leading the transformation at Ormiston Six Villages. The governance board is absolutely delighted that the time and energy invested by so many people has led to this well-deserved rating. This is an academy that is really going places."

Nick Hudson, Interim Chief Executive at Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT), said:

"This is a brilliant outcome for Ormiston Six Villages Academy. The staff and students have put in an incredible amount of hard work and I am delighted to see Ofsted recognising how far the Academy has come, as a result of this hard work and dedication. We look forward to continuing to work closely with the academy as it continues on its upward trajectory."