Ormiston Victory Academy hosts musical extravaganza

Singers, musicians, actors and dancers from OAT academies in East Anglia came together at Ormiston Victory Academy this summer to showcase their talents as they took to the stage for the third annual Performing Arts Celebration Event.


Students aged from 5-18 from ten different OAT East academies had supported one another as they came together to showcase their various talents and revel in the joy of watching each other perform.

The sell-out audience included family members, friends, principals, teachers and supporters, all of whom were extremely proud of the performance of the student also to be part of a wonderful event. The event is also an excellent way to emphasize the importance of the OAT family Enrichment Charter in providing opportunities for all students to experience arts and culture.Ormiston Victory

The OAT East academies that were part of this success and participated were:

  • City of Norwich School (CNS)
  • Cliff Park Ormiston Academy
  • Edward Worlledge Ormiston Academy
  • Ormiston Denes Academy
  • Ormiston Endeavour Academy
  • Ormiston Herman Academy
  • Ormiston Sudbury Academy
  • Ormiston Venture Academy
  • Ormiston Victory Academy
  • Stoke High School

Nicole McCartney, Managing Director of School Improvement, said:

"I am, as ever, amazed by Ormiston East’s children and staff. There was such fantastic talent on display and it was such a wonderful night."

Ms Curson, Assistant Principal of Ormiston Victory Academy (and organiser of the event), said:

"This was a wonderful opportunity for our academies to join together to celebrate and share our amazingly talented students". All of our students can be very proud of what they achieved."