Packmoor - first primary to launch school voting platform

Students at Packmoor Ormiston Academy have welcomed the arrival of VotesforSchools Primary, an innovative voting platform which empowers students and develops their decision-making and communication skills.


VotesforSchools launched its first primary school version of the programme at the academy, and as part of the platform, pupils as young as five are having the opportunity to make an informed vote on this topical issue across the UK.

They will join the thousands of young people in secondary schools and academies voting every week on diverse topics, ranging from driverless cars to celebrity involvement in politics with the online VotesforSchools platform.

Getting to know their way around the programme, pupils took part in a live debate, followed by the opportunity to vote on the topic of women and girls in science, based around the question ‘Do we have enough female scientists and engineers?’ By being given multi-media resource packs with facts, figures and ideas, the pupils were able to make informed decisions.

The programme works to further develop decision-making skills, team-work, communication and respect, and on launch day they were joined by Professor Tamsin Mather from Oxford University Department of Earth Sciences. She listened to the pupils discuss their ideas and talked about her own experiences of a career in science, which acted as a huge inspiration for all involved.

Sharon May, Principal at Packmoor Ormiston Academy said:

"The pupils have really enjoyed debating the issues from the news; they really have learned such a lot about current affairs through the VotesforSchools program. I aim to teach my students to be critical thinkers, ready to form their own well-reasoned opinions based on the evidence. Academies and schools play an absolutely vital role in this.

"VotesforSchools offers a fantastic opportunity for students from primary level onwards to develop into empowered thinkers as well as allowing efficient use of teacher time and resources."

Vivienne Creevey CEO and co-founder of the platform commented:

"VotesforSchools connects young people in schools with the issues of the day, developing informed views based on objective facts, and encouraging them to understand democratic practice in everyday life."