SELFie Where’s the HARM?

Tenbury High Ormiston Academy have been working closely with CMP Consult to develop a film derived from the original drama production aimed at tackling issues around Mental Health and self-harm, to help raise awareness of World Mental Health Day.

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Public Health figures show that in Worcestershire 7,000 children are living with mental ill health at any one time.  After Malvern Hills District was highlighted as a hot spot for mental health issues within young people, the ‘SELFie where’s the Harm?’ project was commissioned by Malvern Hills District Council.

Jacqueline McGonagle-Turner, an experienced theatre in education teacher was contracted by CMP Consult to write and directed this specific drama after two initial workshops in Malvern Hills District schools, where Year 9 pupils provided the content for the powerful drama that deals with issues around mental health and self-harm.

It was performed to more than 1,300 young people aged between 11 and 15-years-old in the Malvern Hills District schools and feedback from the school performances highlighted that 79% of young people were aware of some or all the mental health issues covered in the performance. Additionally, 82% better understood how to detect early signs of mental health issues and where to seek advice and guidance. The production, which has been acclaimed by teachers and health professionals, was shortlisted for Campaign of the Year at the National Local Government Chronicle Awards 2017.

Following the official film launch hosted at Tenbury High ‘SELFie where’s the HARM?’ will be available as a free teaching resource to all Worcestershire schools, community groups and relevant professionals supported by lesson plans to allow the content to be actively discussed by young people.

Caroline Palethorpe, owner of CMP Consult said:

"Mental health issues shouldn’t be something people hide away or are scared to talk about. It is as important as physical health and projects like this will help challenge perceptions and remove the stigma attached to mental health."

SELFie Where’s the HARM? Film Trailer
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