Students never forget a teacher who makes a difference

Kate Williams, Principal of Flegg High Ormiston Academy, has been reunited with her former Great Yarmouth head teacher from her own school days. 

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Mrs Williams, who took up her role in May this year, was once a student at Great Yarmouth High School. She was delighted to be contacted by Ivan Pegg, now a retired resident of Fleggburgh, and invited him along to visit Flegg High for the reunion.

During his tour of the academy, Mr Pegg viewed the work of current students and spoke to both students and staff about life at the academy.

Mrs Williams said:

"Mr Pegg first made contact to offer his congratulations on my new role. I was touched that he remembered me and was keen to show off Flegg and our amazing students. I felt incredibly proud to show him what we are working to achieve at the academy – although I did feel like a student again, seeking praise from my own Headteacher!

"I hope the visit reminded our students that we all work in schools because we care about them and want to make a difference – and that we never forget them when they leave and begin their adult lives."

Esme Siddall, Head Girl at Flegg High Ormiston Academy, said:

"I know the staff at Flegg are really caring and it was nice to see that Mr Pegg also cared enough to come and meet us all."

Andrew Long, Head Boy at Flegg High Ormiston Academy, said:

"We know our teachers care because they are willing to go above and beyond for us to succeed. Many students want to be teachers because of what they experience, and we are all encouraged to want to make a difference." 

Mr Pegg, Head teacher at Great Yarmouth High School 1986-2000, said:

"It was a delight to meet up with Kate again and hear about her achievements and plans for the future. It is such a joy to see her in her new post and remember that she was a student at Great Yarmouth High School - it makes me very proud."



Picture caption: Mrs Williams, Mr Pegg and students.