Students reflect on recent terror attacks with cards of remembrance

Students and teachers from City of Norwich School have reflected on the recent terror attacks in Manchester, London Bridge, and Finsbury Park through a series of special assemblies.

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Students were encouraged to collect their thoughts and wishes towards the distressing events of recent weeks and write them down on cards of remembrance. A selection of these were then read out during the series of assemblies, and some will be passed on to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and the Lord Mayor of Manchester, Councillor Eddy Newman, in an act of solidarity.

"I think Manchester can stay strong despite what happened. Please don’t let this terrible tragedy affect your future days. I’m sorry." (12 year old student)

"Together as a country, we have become much closer than before and despite all the hate in the world, love and peace is much stronger." (12 year old student)

The assemblies were led by a group of the academy’s Sixth Formers, who read out poems and speeches about their personal responses to the tragedies. This included a moving poem written by year 12 student, Charles O’Brien, and a speech delivered by Pippin Casbourne, another year 12 student.

Cards of remembrance. Click to enlarge.Cards of remembrance. Click to enlarge.The aim of the assemblies was to provide an opportunity for students to express themselves creatively in response to the terrible events, which can be difficult for many to process, as well as to reaffirm the academy’s firm commitment to British values, including democracy, understanding and tolerance.

OAT and CNS has a strong commitment to foster young people’s mental and emotional well-being, as well as encouraging them to develop a strong social conscience and make a positive contribution to society.

Jim Nixon, Headteacher of City of Norwich School, said:

"I’m so proud of the response of our students at City of Norwich School to these awful events which have unfolded over the last few weeks. These assemblies will help reaffirm our collective values at the academy, which are in line with the values of the country as a whole.

"I would like to thank all of our teachers and Sixth Formers who have worked so hard to organise these assemblies and bring the whole academy together in this spirit of remembrance and solidarity."