Trip of a lifetime to Kenya

Over the summer, students from Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy in Runcorn, along with Ormiston Chadwick Academy in Widnes, took part in a once in a lifetime trip to Kenya after raising monies for the trip through sponsored activities.

Kenyan trip.jpg

After a long and tiring flight to Dubai and then a further journey to Nairobi, the students got in to the awaiting safari vehicles and headed to their camp for the first night’s stay. Although a little shocked by the outdoor showers and the plethora of new, intriguing insects, the students soon started to settle in to Kenyan life and even ended up trying their hand at bartering for presents for friends and family!

Over the 2 weeks, students and staff were given the opportunity to go on multiple safari trips, both during the day and at night. They were lucky enough to catch sightings of wildebeest, zebras, lions, elephants and giraffes, to name just a few!

Students visited a Masai tribe and they were invited to step inside their homes and take a look around their market. Some of the male student ‘warriors’ also tried their hand at starting fires! Shortly after, students travelled the long journey to the Marich Pass, where they had chance for a quick photo opportunity at the equator! Students then spent the next five nights in ‘Bandas’ (mud-huts). During their time at the Marich Pass Field Studies Centre, students participated in visits to a local school and even had the opportunity to scale Mount Koh, a challenge that was definitely not for the faint hearted! During the evenings, students were treated to markets, musicians, campfires and even BBQs by the river!

Before they all knew it, it was time to start the journey back towards the airport, where they stayed in a local boarding school and had a chance to cycle through Hell’s Gate National Park the following morning. The final night in Kenya was in the Elsamere Conservation Centre (Born Free) where everyone had a much-needed cool down in a local swimming pool during the day, followed by the final awards ceremony in the evening!

Executive Principal, John Rigby, who accompanied the trip said:

“Our students learn so much from trips like this, they help them to realise how they can often take their western comforts and life-style for granted. They gain a huge amount confidence when they are on this trip, which we run every year. Experiencing a culture that is in complete contrast to their own really broadens their horizons and raises their aspirations.”