Wodensbrough students share knowledge on staying safe online

At a recent Safeguarding Conference held at WS10 in Wednesbury, a group of Year 9 students from Wodensbrough Ormiston Academy (WOA) impressed 150 professionals in sharing their knowledge and expertise on the dangers of the internet, cyber communities and netiquette.


Jay Hall, Bradley Greenaway, Lucas Peterkin, Paige Rumbold and William Shaw, had only one week to prepare the 30 minute presentation, which included presenting to the Police and Children’s Safeguarding Body, and many others. Despite their nerves, the students involved remained calm and acted professional, showcasing the many fantastic qualities and skills of a WOA student.

“It was a great opportunity to represent the school,” said Jay Hall.

Lucas Peterkin said: "At first I was nervous but once I was presenting, I felt like my normal self. I also felt proud because I was representing the school in a good way. Also, because not many people had heard of Snap Chat, I see myself as a good opinion leader."

William Shaw spoke about arriving and feeling nervous, he said: “Seeing so many people made me even more nervous but at the same time I was very proud to be picked to represent my school. I was very proud of myself afterwards."

"At first I was nervous but then after a while I settled down and was fine," said Bradley Greenaway

Paige Rumbold was very proud to be picked to represent her school and said: “I hope I can represent the school again at some point."

Leigh Moore, Principal at WOA said: “With students now having at least one electronic device with access to the internet at home or school, the need to learn more about how to stay safe online continues to be an upmost priority, and is making our responsibility to monitor young people greater than ever because their world is now ever wider. It is clear our students understand that too and feel confident enough in discussing it more and more in forums like this.”

“We are all so very proud of our students in delivering a well-executed presentation on such an important topic. We were extremely lucky in being the only academy asked to attend and present at the conference. The students were an absolute credit and have become great role models at WOA.”