Marketing and communications

Schools aren't businesses but they do operate in a competitive world, so it's important to have a well-developed brand and a marketing plan which reaches out to the right people.

Ormiston marketing ensures all academies are using effective marketing strategies which support corporate and individual branding and student recruitment as well as promotion of the reputation of Ormiston's network as a whole.

Our team can handle any marketing, communications or PR challenge relating to your academy. We will sort whatever you need quickly, efficiently and to budget. Activities might include:

  • Print and design services for developing a prospectus and other promotional materials
  • Strategic planning and media booking
  • 24 hour crisis communications
  • Proactive PR support
  • Advice and support with media and social media
  • Providing guidance on academy brand and key messages
  • Monitoring and reporting on media coverage
  • Assisting with student recruitment and open days