Ormiston Venture Academy students visit Cambridge University

In February, 15 students from Ormiston Venture Academy visited the historical Gonville and Caius College of Cambridge University.

Ormiston Venture Cambridge visit (1).png

Hosted by Rebecca Bradley, the schools liaison officer, students received a presentation, took part in a quiz, and took a tour of the College and its vast library, before eating lunch in its esteemed hall and visiting the Whipple museum in the afternoon.

The grandeur and history of the building (dating back from the 14th Century) had students in awe. Students took selfies outside the office Stephen Hawking uses when he is at the university to begin an appreciation of the sheer amount of successful and famous people who have studied and worked at Cambridge.

Ian McInally, Assistant Principal at Ormiston Venture Academy, said:

"It was a wonderful opportunity to open students’ eyes to what an elite university experience could be like, and that these students are on track for a future like this if they continue to work hard and strive for the very best."