What Ofsted says

  • Ormiston Herman Academy, January 2017, Good

"The Ormiston Academy Trust offers valued support by providing leaders with frequent visits from improvement advisers who have, for example, helped to identify priorities for the school’s self-evaluation and conducted a reorganisation of the school’s governance."

  • Ormiston Chadwick Academy, December 2016, Outstanding

"The principal, executive principal, interim executive board and sponsor have created a culture of very high expectations among staff and pupils, which has led to rapid and sustained progress."

  • Ormiston Endeavour Academy, December 2016, Good

"The academy trust has provided focused and effective support for the school over the last year.The academy’s leadership and management have been transformed at all levels since the last inspection and the last 12 months.”

  • City of Norwich School, October 2016

"Ormiston Academies Trust has been very successful in supporting the school’s improvement. The reciprocal sharing of effective practice across trust schools has contributed significantly to raising standards and motivating staff."

  • George Salter Academy, September 2016

“Ormiston Academies Trust supports the school by deploying educational advisers to work with leaders regarding particular key priorities, such as the provision for mathematically able pupils.”

  • Ormiston Rivers Academy, September 2016

“School leaders actively welcome high-quality support and challenge from the local governing body, the regional director from Ormiston Academies Trust and the local authority standards and excellence commissioner. The support has made a real difference in helping raise standards, and inspection evidence confirms this to be the case.”

  • Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy, June 2016

"The Ormiston Academy Trust (OAT) has provided very effective support for the school".

  • Ormiston Forge Academy, March 2016

“The governing body and multi-academy trust know the academy well and have played a key role in improving standards. The Principal and his senior leadership team have worked tirelessly to improve the quality of education that is provided for pupils. In addition,the school has benefited from a range of external support provided by Ormiston Academies Trust, as well as Sandwell Local Authority.”

“The Sponsor knows the academy well and have played a key role in improving standards.”