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Over the life of the OAT strategy, we want our impact to be realised in further tangible improvements to outcomes. It is for this reason that we will focus on ensuring:

Our job is to enable all OAT pupils to achieve ambitious outcomes. Academic outcomes are the passport to the next stage of every person’s life. It is for this reason that we will work with our children and young people, their parents or carers, to ensure that individual potential is realised.

Safe supported
Safe and supported
Brilliant journey plant
A brilliant journey
Everyone who attends an OAT academy as a pupil, or works for OAT, feels safe and can thrive

We want all our pupils to feel confident and develop resilience. The foundations for this are that everyone feels safe. Safe in the knowledge that OAT will not tolerate bullying or discrimination and is an organisation that celebrates all forms of diversity. We want OAT to be an invigorating place to work, an employer of choice. We will promote respect across the organisation so that all employees feel safe and believe that they are valued and can achieve their goals, free from discrimination.

A brilliant journey for all our pupils and staff

Brilliant for pupils so they can fulfil their potential, learning inside and outside the classroom; brilliant for staff so they can realise their professional goals.

OAT is committed to providing all pupils with a rich, fulfilling curriculum journey inside and outside the classroom. The taught curriculum will be broad, providing opportunities to attain success across all subjects. Our curriculum will always include sport and the creative subjects as we know that what society values goes way beyond formal qualifications. We believe we would be letting our pupils down if we didn’t provide them with opportunities to take part in social action, volunteering, or if we didn’t value their views.

Our staff will be supported to pursue their own brilliant journey. We will support staff so that they can enhance and develop their professional skills whatever their role within the trust. Teachers will have access to high quality programmes; aspiring leaders will be nurtured and encouraged through high quality opportunities and non-teaching staff will be able to access occupation-specific development opportunities.

Excellence across all that we do

If we are to realise the ambitious aims we are setting for ourselves, we need to be excellent across all that we do. We are committed to improving our operations across the trust so that we become best in class.