Bolingbroke students' financial safety poster

Ormiston Bolingbroke students create artwork to raise awareness of financial safety

Year 7 students at Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy have used their creative talents to raise awareness about the dangers of loan sharks.

The academy has been working with Digital Arts Box, a Halton-based community interest company, and England Illegal Money Lending Team, as part of an initiative to stop loan sharks.

The student-led team has created art using artificial intelligence to make up a rogues’ gallery of images, which is intended to show the many possible faces of illegal lenders. It will now go on display at the academy to serve as a reminder that loan sharks are not always easy to spot.

Through the project, the young adults have learned about the motivations and risks of illegal money lending and the available sources of support, helping to protect themselves and their communities.

By utilising AI technology, the ambitious students also had the opportunity to explore new mediums of art, and develop their digital capabilities while learning about a pressing social issue in their community.

The project is part of Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy’s wider PSHE curriculum, Lessons for Life, which provides safe, stimulating and important learning opportunities to students, preparing them for life beyond school and empowering them to contribute meaningfully as citizens.

Liam Hussey, PSHE curriculum leader, said: “Our students have really enjoyed the creative input with the team from Digital Arts Box – it was a brilliant session which all of our year students participated in, one form group each week. It is important for us, given the communities that we serve, that financial literacy is addressed from an early age.

“We were so proud to see our students get involved in this project and we are really grateful to all the colleagues and organisations who made this innovative and important interaction possible.”