Dr Julius Weinberg


Julius is an experienced chair and board member who has enabled and driven significant change in many major organisations through effective support and challenge. The influential skills Julius holds enable him to establish and maintain strong and professional working relationships with people at all levels, from government ministers and civil servants, right through to senior leaders and students.

As a former vice chancellor, Julius has a wealth of knowledge and experience of leadership and has led major change management programmes which have often addressed issues such as academic promotion and progression. Julius has also been instrumental in addressing the attainment gap of individuals from diverse backgrounds, whilst also establishing major building programmes (£300m) and delivering financial stability.

Julius is a physician with a specialism in public health and clinical infectious disease and describes himself as broadly educated and curious, holding degrees in physiology, medicine, education and humanities with art history. In relation to governance roles, Julius has spent the most recent decade on the boards of Ofqual, Ofsted, Kingston University and Beaconsfield High School, to name a few.

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